Virtual Assistant for Mobile App Developer and Entrepreneur

Virtual Assistant for Mobile App Developer and Entrepreneur


Job Description

Hi there!

I'm a Mobile App Developer and have ran an App Development Studio for the past 3 years. In the past year, while still developing mobile applications, I've branched off to follow a few specific passions of mine including Yoga and in the process created a Virtual Yoga Studio online that will soon be accessible via the web and all mobile devices. The studio is at and my personal blog about the journey I've been on through all of this is at

I'm in need of a personal assistant to help manage tasks and respond to partners and clients throughout the week so I can stay on top of these projects that are growing internationally. I currently work with clients around the world and have a small team of contractors I work with remotely and need assistance managing all the small tasks that seem to pile up on me.

I'm wanting this to be an opportunity for growth for whoever helps out in this position because I feel the best outsourced work is collaborative. My philosophy is freedom in work so we can get the most out of life and I would love for whoever helps out in this to have similar passions in life and work. I want to help this individual reach their goals as they will be helping to reach mine.

Please apply if this sounds interesting to you :)