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We are looking for a creative architect who can design a modern resort style residential complex. The area of land we have is about 190m by 90m. The 90m side of the land is parallel to the sea, but there is another piece of land between this space and the sea. So, keep this in mind when designing.

We wanted to do the construction of this space in 2 phases.

Phase 1 will have 10 bungalows of 1 or 2 bedroom units, semi detached, i.e. 20- 1 or 2 bedroom units or a combination of these in total. This phase will also include a restaurant or kitchen area, a pool, a recreational room, a pitch area for sports (e.g. volleyball), laundry/housekeeping area. The parking area for residents should be close to their units, while parking area for guests could be separated.

In phase 2, we'll have similar number of semi-detached bungalows, parking area for residents and either a lawn tennis court or basketball area.

So, when designing this space, keep in mind how best the construction will be done so that the residents of phase 1 are minimally inconvenienced.

See attached a picture of the block style we like for the units. Please note the picture attached is for a 1 storey, but we are looking for a bungalow semi detached style. With this block style, you'll have to design the remainder of the buildings e.g. restaurant, recreational room, pool area to fit the building style. You'll need to design roads, alleys etc and the surrounding landscape.

We'll also need complete and modern 3d rendering of the different areas of this designed resort.

Submit similar concepts you have done in the past and your price quote for this project.

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