Bet on Kentucky

Bet on Kentucky


Job Description

Needed a graphic designer for tee shirt designs who can be original and not need me to send a picture of what I want but will generate some unique designs or use designs he/she has in his portfolio. Do not apply unless you use Corel and can send to me in Corel Draw so I can open them and make my own changes. Be able to communicate well. Timely respond to projects.
In this design I want the state of Kentucky outline, a race horse, mountains in the background...whatever will cause people to want to visit my state. I plan to sell these to gift shops.
This will be a two color design. I need a person with a vision on how to design this shirt to be edgy and not look like every shirt in a store.

If you would like to apply, please do.

I have a small screenprinting business so I can't afford to pay a lot, but if I can find the right person, I will give him/her lots of business.

Skills: design