Camtasia 2008 , Powerpoint 2010 expert needed

Camtasia 2008 , Powerpoint 2010 expert needed


Job Description

I am working on a digital internet marketing project using Camtasia and Microsoft Powerpoint 2010. It is about writing good copy, such as sales letters, emails, blogs etc.. I have what i want written out and designed in 5 modules.. Length of time for each to be determined. I do not need help with what to record or the written content, as that is done. It just needs to be added in the slides along with the recording.
What i am looking for is someone to do a shared screen to review the project and the slides and together add appropriate design bullet points,or graphics. And to review the editing as needed.

Im looking for the following in a candidate:

*Has thorough knowledge of Camtasia and Powerpoint and how they work together. (im creating this all on Powerpoint then adding Camtasia to record)

*Creative with design and understands all design options on Powerpoint.

*Good English Skills

*Good work ethic, easy to reach, and is good with working together on screen share.

Thank you,

Skills: english, marketing, design, rewriting