Website Chaos - Order Development Manager

Website Chaos - Order Development Manager


Job Description

Managing a team of 7 Joomla programmers around the world is difficult at best. We'll be launching shortly and have additional marketing and customer service needs. I need assistance ensuring accountability! We also need the proper procedures and execution for:

- Functional and Technical Design
- Programmer Quality & Productivity
- Production, Test and Development process
- Proper levels of documentation
- Programmer data/programmer access/control
- Management of Highest priority process.
- Version Control
- Identifying missing/lacking skill sets

We're currently working on a JIRA platform, Joomla, SVN and Amazon services. Our technical infrastructures can scale. However, our process and existing management team is not as well developed. Are you able to help us create order from chaos? (not total chaos - but we're not happy with what we have.) Please respond by telling me you can "Make our Development team a world leader".

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