Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Title: On-Line Second Hand bookshop for DMU students.
Summary: An on-line second hand bookshop is required for students to buy and sell text books. The system will be designed for students both on and off campus in any faculty. Students will have to register themselves with their ID and password. Once registered they can either sell books or buy books online. The functions the system will perform are;
- Register
- Sign In
- Password Reminder
- Help
- View Basket
- Search
- Advanced search
- Books categories
- Payment
- Sign Out
Other general links would include
- About Us
- Contact Us
- Home
- Privacy and security
The web based system will also include back and forth function on every page.
For a student who wants to sell their books will have some additional functionality such as;
- My Account
- Selling online form
o Title
o Choose Subject
o Condition
o Language
o Picture
o Description
o Amount
o Postage
o Quantity
o Choose Payment Method
o Return Policy
- History
- Active
- Sold
- Account Summary
- Personal Information
Software: The system should be developed using a database and suitable software. Software which I am considering but require further research they are;
- Java
- JavaScript

Skills: research