Letting Agent Key Tracker App 4 Android


Job Description

Background: I'm an inventory clerk with an IT background. My work email is on Gmail. Office PC runs Windows Vista. Have Samsung SIII for keeping track of stuff on the move. I basically travel a lot, visiting properties. I'm frustrated with the way I work: some things are automated, some manual. Some things automatically sync, some things don't. Long term I need database-driven system that keeps it all together. As a starter, I'd like a key tracker app:

Basic Information
User should be able to easily and quickly capture information for key movement through Android smart phone interface. Data should persist on phone, create Google calendar entry and sync somehow to work PC

Data Capture Android

• Action (dropdown)
o Agent to clerk
o Clerk to agent
o Clerk to tenant
o Agent to tenant
o Always allow free text input against an action. For instance, keys may be posted back to agent
• Agent (dropdown)
• Date and time (automatically stamped by system)
• Key fob number (integer, option for none)
• Number of keys (dropdown, 1-10 + various)
• Property (dropdown)
• Picture capture

• Calendar entry