PHP team (or superhero) needed to Create an Web Messenger


Job Description

Hi all!

We want to make some cool service for communication within the company (and possibly beyond).

The main feature is - simply DB, simply interface.

User on site can do just few actions:
1 Autorization (via Google or Facebook)
2 See messages from other users
3 Send messages to other users

If we talk about the features of usability - it's all kinds of message filters, dialogues, contact list and more.

Our team writes with codeigniter and it would be great to use it. But if for this purpose will be more convenient something else - let's discuss.

This is not just a messenger, it's a great thing that will take its place in history.

We have strong and good technical project - and I can answer to you any questions.

And yes, we want to do mobile version for iPhone too, with PUSH and other.

Skills: facebook