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I need a couple hours of time to help me layout a process flow for an auto insurance template for Salesforce.

First, I am trying to decide whether to use "Leads" or not. We will be recieving leads realtime from lead aggregators. They will be posted via Salesforce's Site and using an xml parser that we had built. The issue that I have a question on is when leads get posted to us, they can have multiple drivers, autos, etc (which in the contacts we have created objects) Do objects work in Leads? Can we convert all the information that we gather in Leads to Contact if the customer decides to purchase. Another question is "when would be the best time to convert it to a contact?"

Here is the process flow....the lead is posted via the parser to ? (lead or contact),
We have agents that will make immediate phone calls to the customer to see if they have time to speak with a licensed agent. If they do, the customer will be transferred. The agent will then gather more information, additional drivers, cars, etc. (This is where I don't know if it can be done in leads) Once the agent gathers required information, they will submit the application to an insurance carrier via an API. I think this is where the conversion can take place????

Anyway, that is my initial issue. We will need additional support as this is built as well.

Laslty, all layouts will be done using

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