Looking for an Assistant

Looking for an Assistant


Job Description

I have an online coaching program that is suffering right now. My online coaching program has 10 components that need to be connected. I have a blog, training site, a landing page, a survey page, a product page, and an email message that should send out emails nearly every day,

however there are many wholes in my program and I need someone who can help me to connect these dots, preferably someone who knows wordpress, and understands blogging, and also understands marketing techniques, how to set up a landing page, and how to add pages to a wordpress blog site, and or how to create a blog page from scratch... and understanding social media and offline marketing would also be a plus.

The ideal candidate will also be a great writer, because I write a lot and I need someone who can edit my material and or originate some material based off of the topic of the day.

I am looking to hire someone right away, and all candidates will be acknowledged, all you need is an outgoing personality and the desire to succeed in life. I am looking for people who are creative and dependable and can multi-task.

Skills: coaching, training, marketing, management

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