Ready Made Software or Software Developer Required

Ready Made Software or Software Developer Required


Job Description

We are looking for Software Developers who can work with us on Long term basis. We are a company based in UAE and looking for software developers on reasonable prices for more than one year.

Current Project:
This is to let you the important points to be taken into consideration when studying the project related to a pharmaceutical company , then sending us a quotation as follows:

- The main purpose of the program is to have the ability to follow up with the patients and remind them of their medication, since it sustains for three years.

-The ability to extract and filter the required data such as:
1- number and names of new patients in a specific period of time.
2-Number and names of patients who managed to continue their treatment (3 full years)
3-Number and names of patients whom are treated under a certain Dr.
4- number and names of patients whom treated with Staloral, or Alustal
( we have two types of treatment)...etc

- To have Records of patients info., Drs. info, insurance companies info. and for statistical purposes.
-the ability to export data to excel.
-the information on the system can be shared within the same office (if required).

We need this program to be active in (10) days by max.

Skills: software-development