Job Description

If you are a high skilled ASP.NET Architect with 6+ years of working experience, please read on!

Currently we have 4 openings for Senior ASP.NET Architect to become a member of our platform team. Our team is dedicated to building central technologies and systems supporting.

What you need for this position:
- 6+ years of working experience as ASP.NET Architect
- Strong understanding of C#, application architecture and object-oriented design
- Strong understanding of .NET 4.5 and the Microsoft technology platform
- Strong understanding of ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms development, WPF, MVVM
- Strong understanding of SQL Server and at least one ORM (e.g. Entity Framework, NHibernate, LINQ to SQL)
- Strong expertise in security development
- Solid foundation of semantic HTML and CSS
- Experience creating technical, system and user story documentation
- Experience leading a team of developers and delegating tasks
- Experience conducting code reviews
- Experience creating estimates, defining project timeline and organizing tasks into milestones
- Experience with client communication, such as requirements gathering, and technical consulting
- Experience defining project systems architecture (server configuration, hosting specification, etc.)
- Experience defining project data architecture (database schema, caching, etc.)
- Experience defining project software architecture (framework usage, code organization standards, project-specific best practices and techniques, etc.)
- Experience with identifying and solving performance problems in web applications
- Knowledge and advocate of best practices (standard naming conventions, architecture)

Bonus skills to have (not required):
- Experience ensuring project quality by using automated testing (unit/functional tests), defining testing procedures, and coordinating with QA Engineers
- Experience defining and architecting version control systems and procedures
- Experience with XAML
- Experience with TDD, BDD, DI, Moq, CMSes, API, or other TLAs
- Experience with Azure, AWS, or Rackspace Cloud
- Experience using NuGet and familiar with solid community libraries built on .NET
- Experience with Visual C++ or F#

This is a part-time remote job.