Technical writer for Product Req. Document (PRD)

Technical writer for Product Req. Document (PRD)


Job Description

We neeed a PRD for a web-based app we are building. Healthcare providers can use it to remotely track, report, submit and stay in contact with their patients' falls prevention exercise programs and progress; patients can do the program along with other features including messaging, goal setting, and appointment/medication reminders. You will be provided with more detail, but you should be able to write the following:

Brief description of product and what it will do. Technology platforms, key integration points, if any.

2. Description of target users, size of this audience, how the product will be marketed, sold, and delivered to the audience. How customer service will be provided.

3. What the product will do for the user. A use case scenario is helpful here (a day in the life of a typical user and the steps they'll take to use the product).

4. Competitive or alternative products. Why this solution will be a better choice for the target audience.

5. Product features and a description of each.

6. User Experience (UX) mockups. These can be as simple as static images or a slide deck with hyperlinks between slides.

This app will be available via subscription from our website. You must have experience in writing a PRD.

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