Salesforce Developer

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Job Description


A Highly Skilled Salesforce Developer is required, with the following expertise:

• Apex class, objectives and interfaces.
• Visualforce page user interface and creation.
• Deployment Connection (Outbound and Inbound Change sets)
• Test Class.

We have an apex class and a custom visual force page already created and tested in sandbox, .dev environment with 80% coverage but we are unable to deploy it in production environment because absence of a test class takes the coverage down to 65%

So, a test class is needed to be developed so the coverage of the code increases to at least 75% and the code can be deployed in production.

By the way, when we try to deploy, the following Error pops up:

“Average Test coverage across all apex classes and triggers is 65%, at least 75% test coverage is required”

So, the developers responsibility will be to write test class and to resolve any issue that comes when deploying the code in production environment.

Thank you

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