Small Cap Journalist

Small Cap Journalist


Job Description

Hello there and thank you for your interest. :)

We’re looking for skilled writers, with experience evaluating investments of U.S. equities and extremely well versed in English who can write 700-1000 word articles with the following criteria:

U.S. Small-Cap Stocks: For our purposes, less than $5 billion

Dearth of coverage: Companies that lack high-quality research

Insight: What original angle do you have that will inform the decisions of other smart investors?

Quality: Small-Cap Insights should be convincing and well-written

We will pay you a minimum of $15 (plus odesk fees) for every regular article you write (regardless of whether they are about small caps).

For every small cap article you write, we will pay you a minimum $15, but if the article is approved by the editors as small cap insight, we will pay you a total of $50. Generally, articles will appear on the site about a week after you submit so if an article is selected as a Small-Cap insight, the payment will be paid as a bonus in the following week.

Below are some examples of Small-Cap Insights:

In addition, you should also know I'm very flexible with deadlines and give you as much autonomy as you desire. I can also provide you with the user name and password to an account on GuruFocus which can be used to find data for many stocks including small caps.

Please respond with the code, "Ilovesmallcaps"