Ruby on Rails / Spree Extension / Autosuggest

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

"This extension adds suggestions for product search."

This module need to be updated to Spree 2.x it still need RSpec test coverage and Capybara feature specs. Also required to confirm that the extension hooks into the Spree 2.x version layout correctly and is fully functional.


- Rspec tests coverage >= 95%
- Feature specs with Capybara so we know it always there
- Update module so it work with changes in Spree 2.x (if needed)
- Update views and hooks apply seamless into Spree 2.x (if needed)
- Add support so frontend search supply thumbnails also.

Contractor requirements

This is a job for anyone that are very comfortable with Rails, RSpec and Capybara. Knowledge of Spree API is required.

How to apply

1, Please checkout the source code of the project before you apply, its open for all so you can just git clone it and test it out.

2, Don't apply please with irrelevant long CV and showcases from your copy & past bin, write a short message with relevant info about the task (we Ruby developers to and like things short and techy).

3, Don't apply please if you think you can include learning Spree in the hours paid, update yourself on your spare time.

4, It would be nice if you send us your Github profile link and Skype id.

Work style

1. Clone our fork and use it as upstream.
2. Keep your pull requests frequent and in sync with your work hours.
3. Follow the styleguide
4. Use new ruby hash syntax.

Spree dev docs:


- By Skype
- You can also at IRC ask for help if you get stuck at #spree

Starting point

git clone
git remote add upstream
bundle install
bundle exec rake test_app
COVERAGE=true bundle exec rspec spec
open coverage/index.html

cd spec/dummy
rails c
__debug stuff with pry__