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Job Description


Application Purpose: The applications is a compilation of various email platforms, social media websites, news and readily accessible information sources in a single location (application), allowing the user a continuous and standardized source of information updates from the various included platforms.

The program is expected to save time, hassle and create a more intuitive and streamlined social media and information sourced surfing experience. The application aids to reduce the switching time users experience when switching from one platform to another on mobile devices. (Example: Opening Gmail account application and then closing it going back to main menu and spending time to switch to Facebook). The seamless switching between the various platforms using this application will reduce a time wasted nuisance on ineffective navigation limitation imposed by developers of various platforms.


Ø The app is an all in one stop to a user’s application need. With the use of a unique interface the user can browse through different set application (ex. Face book, Twitter, Gmail etc.)

A more detailed description will be given after we have selected the right candidate for this job. Please, review it and get back to us with a quotation and timeline asap.

Imtiaz Ahmad
Positron Technologies Inc.

Skills: gmail, facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, yahoo