Comic/Manga Illustrator


Job Description

I am looking for comic/manga illustrator to help bring my comic book story to life. I've been working on this story since I was 15 I am 18 now and ready to try to get my story out. I am looking for someone that can draw comic/manga style characters for an adventure story, I'm still open to anything you can provide me.

synopsis: The story takes place on the strange and wonderful world. The story will revolve around a young man and his two companions that he meets on his journey. As they are on a quest to defeat the greatest threat to the world “Legion” and his sinister army lead by his loyal and unforgiving general. Along the journey he will learn about his past and the secrets behind his great and mysterious powers.

I cannot offer money at this moment but if this becomes something we can negotiate a reasonable rate. If you are interested then you can contacted me at Please send me or show me some of your work.

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