Multinational company looking for creative video editor for marketing animation presentation.


Job Description

We are a multinational company headquartered in Switzerland, and are launching a new product for which we would need a short (1-2 mins.) yet ingenuous and inventive animation (video) presentation to be diffused on our website and / or on the Internet.

Specifically, the animation video should:

- outline the problem that the customer is facing;
- present an "elevator's pitch" of why our product is different and why;
- be presented in a fun, friendly and differentiating way.

The product is tangible, easy to understand and with little technicity.

1) Quality of credentials, 2) demonstrated creativity of the freelancer and 3) reasonable price will be the main criteria for the job. The budget indicated below is merely indicative.

Please contact me with a flat fee for this project.

In case of satisfactory work, this project could lead to further projects currently in the pipeline.