Expert need to join our Sales Team

Expert need to join our Sales Team


Job Description

Firstly please read the posting then Apply.

About our company:

Our company is going to start it's IT service sector from October 01, 2013. Now we need to build a strong team for sales & marketing.

Company service will be:
1. website design and development
2. Website Audit
3. Online Business Consultancy.

We are targeting to sell At least 3000 web services within 3 months. To fulfill this target we need a perfect team.

We are not going to hire anyone in odesk. we will pay for commission base. So please pay attention to this point.

Application procedure
1. if you want to join our company you will have to sign our marketing agreement on behalf of the company.
2. you will have to send the copy of your national ID to company email address with your application.
3. you will send a sales and marketing plan to us.

Upon receiving these documents Company will review your application and will choose only 4 person for this team. Chief marketing Agent will assist this team personally. After choosing the perfect candidates we will send your confirmation letter to your address with an unique Agent ID.

After that you can start your marketing. You will get commission for each sale you acquire. We will share 40% revenue for each sale. Like Our basic website development order is going to be of $500. if you sale one you will get 40% when that client orders the package.

please write ''hello autocircle'' at the top of your cover letter.

Company will provide everything you need to market our products. Company will send all necessary data to the candidates.

This is a good opportunity for you if you think this is. If you any query you can contact with the IR department. Apply here just leaving your skype ID. we will contact you.

Thank you and good luck.