SEO, SEM Expert

SEO, SEM Expert


Job Description

We are a SouthAmerican company seeking for a real talented Digital Marketing expert that can help us build a formal digital marketing plan but also to execute every action of the plan with the objective of increasing web site traffic in different web sites and social media profles, increasing lead generation and creating an online branding experience.

The responsabilities of the person we are looking for are these:

• Must be an expert with SEO,SEM techniques, on-page and off-page, for different search engines (specially google, AdWords, Google analytics)
• Must be an master in link building, blog postings distribution and comments
• Must be an expert with with social medica management, SMO (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, youtube, etc.)
• Must be able to help develop and recommand a fomal digital marketing strategy that will lead to better lead generation and better web site positioning and visilibilty
• Must be able to help make monthly and weekly action plans of marketing actions that will be held as part of the digital marketing strategy
• Must be able to weekly report the results of all executed actions (based on the monhtly and weekly plan) for every week: it need to tell us how many interactions, likes, visits, etc) we had on each week on different web sites

This person will also be in charge of:

• Profiles customization (facebook, twitter, blog, youtube, etc)
• Generate content in social media profiles and blogs
• Elaborate social media campaigns
• Monitor the competition

The background of this person is this:

• “Heavy Internet User”
• Great creativity and imagination to build great marketing strategies and campaigns
• Very responsible, honest and willing to work based on objectives
• Deep knowledge of social (specially Twitter and Facebook)
• Deep knowledge in digital marketing and web analytics
• Knowledge of design software: photoshop, dreamweaver, video edition software

If you apply please answer these 4 questions:

1) "What digital marketing strategy will you create to position a web site company as a well recognized brand on the internet....What would be the basic strategy in every aspect (including SEO, SEM,SMO)? Specify the strategy or strategies to do, and the actions to execute to perform the strategies...Be as specific as possible

2) As a Digital Marketing Expert , What do you offer different from all those 10 thousand people doing the same? How do you rank among all other Digital marketing experts? why you think you are the best fit for this project?

3) What tools do you normally use for a complete digital marketing strategy

4) Can you provide an example of a weekly or monthly report of every actions executed based on a digital marketing strategy? and the results of those actions? How do you report your digital marketing efforts?

Skills: marketing, on-page, off-page, management, facebook, twitter, youtube, design, video