Artist Rendering of Dog Park

Artist Rendering of Dog Park


Job Description

We are looking for an artist to put a drawing together of a future dog park that we are working to have built. We DO NOT want something from a 3D rendering program.

If you choose to use that as your base and then draw over it that is fine. (in fact we can provide you with some 3D rendering screen shots to give you an idea of perspective we are looking for, you could practically trace it and then add in dogs playing). The style is open. Could be painting, color pencil, marker, photoshop etc but you should have artistic skill.

We would like it to show many dogs playing together and on top of obstacle courses etc. Something that looks fun, and not an everyday park you would walk your dog in on a leash.

I have MANY examples I can provide to help with what we are looking for. Unfortunately we are a non-profit and do not have a lot money for this. Our max budget is $50 for a finished product including any revisions.

Please see attachment for an example we found online that we are looking for something similar. Thanks!

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