Sales Person to Present & Attempt to Close on Appointments / Meetings


Job Description

As per title. I require someone who:
* Must be in Sydney because that is likely where potential clients will be
* Can go to client sites to present & attempt to close sales. Obviously, I will teach in terms of what we are selling etc...
* Has no fear with meeting clients or won't care about rejection
* Calm & composed (i.e will never abuse the other person no matter what they say)
* Friendly, fun, light hearted to chat to.

The whole aim to is meet business owners (or maybe marketing managers) of companies, and present in a meeting of eg 15-30min.

Likely start off on a trial basis. Time will again depend on success rate of how many appointments there are to attend do. You are also welcome to do cold calling if you want to accelerate earnings.

Fixed Price job type. Basically you'll get a fixed percentage of what the sales closes for. You name this commission rate because I've never hired anyone in a similar role before so don't know about rates, the standards etc. I've just put down $5.

Skills: marketing

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