Technology Blog Writing


Job Description

I'm starting a new business/technology blog with the focus being on helping entrepreneurs start and run an automated online business. Specific topics will be provided, but example areas of focus will be on cloud computing, e-commerce solutions, website development and hosting tips, business communications solutions, SEO, and SEM.


1. Two total articles to start to judge the contractors writing ability. If the articles are fantastic, then a significant number of additional articles will be requested on a continuous basis.
2. Must have 2,000 - 3,000 words of original content per article
3. Each article should have at least one relevant photograph licensed under Creative Commons and allowing for commercial use. Photo must have attribution link.
4. As technology is constantly changing, content must include information that is current and up to date. As a general rule, any research sources should not be more than 6 months old.

To ensure that respondents have actually read these job requirements, I ask that you begin your reply to this post with the word "AUTOMATE". Replies that do not start with this word will be deleted as it will be apparent that the respondent did not read the job post.


Payment will be on a fixed price of $5 per article.