Modules development

Modules development


Job Description

I need the assistance in developing some customized features to my existing site built on the base of WIX platform:

1. Developing calculator in metric system (centimeters). The task is to convert square into quantity of panels 60X60 cm. For example: the calculator must convert the size of the room in square meters (for example: 16.8 square m.) to number of 60X60 cm. panels. The calculator must also give the second number 10% larger. If my explanation is not clear enough, I will give the concrete example from the existing web sites.

2. Develop search module for the site to search info on site.

3. I need the WIX savvy who can add some features that do not exist currently on WIX platform. For this purpose, the candidate must know very well the WIX platform and to know how to add additional features. In particular I need:
a) To have an automatic transition from the "add to cart" module to "Cart" module. Currently this transition does not exist in WIX.
b) To have some features in "Add to Cart" module" such as being able to link the picture of the product to the color of this product, meaning that while clicking on the picture, the name of color would change automatically. Currently this does not exist on WIX.