Expert in Microsoft project and excel

Expert in Microsoft project and excel


Job Description

I would like to have an expert review an existing microsoft project template containing project details and translate this in to a working format project template in excel. i am looking for someone who has excellent eye for detail who will prepare me both an excel version of the the existing microsoft project in such a way that i can easily capture and input new project deliverables as they come about. the template should allow me to see milestones, budget and costs, timelines, risks.

I want the hand over document to me to allow me to capture the following

Schedule and cost baselines:
1. Identify activities and tasks needed to produce each of the deliverables identified in the scope baseline.
2. Identify resources for each task
3. Estimate how many hours it will take to complete each task.
4. Estimate cost of each task, using an average hourly rate/daily rate for each resource.
5. Consider resource constraints, or how much time each resource can realistically devote to this one project.
6. Determine which tasks are dependent on other tasks, and develop critical path.
7. Develop schedule, which puts all tasks and estimates in a calendar. It shows by chosen time period (weekly and monthly) which resource is doing which tasks, how much time each task is expected to take, and when each task is scheduled to begin and end.