Vintage, charming design for modern how-to book

Vintage, charming design for modern how-to book


Job Description

Believe it or not, my job is teaching people to play the ukulele.

A big part of the interest in the ukulele is the connection to the lovely vintage sheet music from the early 1900s, and the Jazz Age flapper/college culture of the 1920s.

If you can capture that look and that spirit, I need you to design my ukulele how-to book.

I imagine this job will be part illustration and part layout. I'll need a cover illustration with titling, and then a theme or flavor throughout the book. I'm going for nifty, clever, fun, and with that retro 20s feel.

My written content will include words (obviously), but also diagrams of music and chord pictures. I'd love these to match in style. You do not need to know music or ukuleles--these are simple elements that just need a touch of flair.

The book is in progress--we'll be working on it together. It will be 8 chapters of 3-5 pages each, plus a introduction and closing page.

Format: this will be distributed as PDF only, so optimized for on-screen viewing, and color is no problem.

My hope is to have it ready by early September.

Would love to hear from illustrators and designers who really understand the period I'm striving to emulate and who will find it fun to dig into this fairly odd niche!

Would love to find one person who can do artwork and layout, but I can break it into two jobs if need be.

Please be sure to include appropriate samples! (You can see the style of the old sheet music at my website, )