I need 13 interesting, nice designs of CVs [ resume ] made in Open Draw [part of Open Office suite]


Job Description


I need 10 different designs of CV, curriculum vitae, with following requirements:

:: A4 format, 1.5cm margin, white background

:: light, clear, preferably subtle, delicate style, of course I am looking for nice interesting, eye catching designs.
CV are easy to made - all you need is shuffle around with ready text frames and photo, what I am looking for is nice interesting layout

:: they should be obviously original, made out of you mind ideas, of course you can get inspiration from any work you find, but your work should be heavily different from the original work you are getting inspiration from.

:: all CVs you create, should be significantly different one from another

:: They MUST be made with Open Draw [product from free Open Office Suite], so you need to be fairly well familiar with that software

:: if you decide to use any graphical elements, those graphics should be made by you [with GIMP], or coming with clearly copyright free licence, I'd need link to that source,. or GIMP source file with it.

:: Text to work with will be provided, text will be in foreign language, you don't need to edit text, only to format it [font, size, position etc]

Here are some samples - you can get idea what I need: ubuntu.vot.pl/samplecv

unfortunately my budget is small, so all I can offer is 0.4$ / one CV.

If you are ok with it, please apply and when applying - send me link or attach sample of any layout type of work you made yourself - made in any software, but sample should be in jpg, gif, or link to your portfolio website etc

God Bless & Happy New Year :o)