Fix and Simplify SQL Statements

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

This python scripts connects to a postgresql database and retrieves file names for two mutually exclusive alternatives:

- video (if its video, its got to retrieve 3 things (videoname.m4v, videoname.mp4 and videoname.webm)

- picture (if its picture, its got to retrieve 2 things (imagename and imageduration)

Currently this is being done in two separate queries, I want to join them and fix them because there are some rules:
1. server id 0 applies to all servers
2. server id >= applies to an specific server
3. a promo created for an specific server has priority over the "all servers id (0)"
4. The last promo created for an specific server is the one that applies to it

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