Separate City State and Zip in EXCEL file

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Job Description

I have about 1900 names and addresses in an EXCEL file. I need headers added above each column and the city, state and zip codes placed into separate columns.

My information is currently in the following columns without headers: (COLUMN 1) John Doe, (COLUMN 2) Or Current Resident, (COLUMN 3) 123 Main Street, (COLUMN 4) Any Town NJ 55555

I need the information in the following columns (with the following headers)...(COLUMN 1 "Name") John Doe, (COLUMN 2 "Or Current Resident") Or Current Resident, (COLUMN 3 "Street Address") 123 Main Street, (COLUMN 4 "City") Any Town, (COLUMN 5 "State") NJ, (COLUMN 5 "Zip" - TEXT format...NOT zip code format) 55555

That's it...NO COMMAS -- after state, please.