Web Service Bundle - Symfony2

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We require a standalone Symfony2 Bundle which contains Service classes to integrate with the PSA SOAP API.
The Services need to be able to perform the following functions against the PSA Soap API:
- Authenticate using passed parameters
- Query, create and update a Company
- Query, create and update a Product
- Query, create and update a Managed Device
- Query, create and update a Ticket
- Query and create a Generic Billing Transaction

The generated SOAP classes (using wsdl2phpgenerator or similar) can be contained either within the Bundle or as a Vendor library installed with Composer.
Unit and functional tests should use the PHPUnit framework.

A developer with Symfony2 experience would be preferred, experience with other full featured PHP frameworks such as Zend or Symfony1 may be sufficient. Extensive object oriented PHP experience is mandatory, as is knowledge of Design Patterns such as MVC and Service Layers, Git and preferably Git Flow methodology.