Electrical Engineer for Personal Massager

Electrical Engineer for Personal Massager


Job Description

We need an electrical engineer to design a circuit (schematics and PCB Layout) for portable, discrete personal massager. We are still waiting for a final exterior design, but here are the requirements

Required Features:
* Bluetooth connectivity to Android and iOS handheld devices
* Variable vibration motor speed based on messages received through Bluetooth. (Specs will be provided. Protocol is rather simple)
* Power switch (push button)
* Rechargeable lithium battery (via inductive charging)

* Estimated space for main PCB: 1.5” by .75” (this is an estimate, still waiting for industrial design)
* Some components (vibration motor(s), battery, etc) will be mounted to the shell, and don't need to be fit on the PCB
* Being based on the MSP430 micro-controller would be preferred due to low power consumption
* Support for Bluetooth Low Energy and Classic Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0 dual-mode)

In the end, we need the schematics for the circuit, design files for the PCB layout, and source code to any micro-controller firmware used.

Skills: microcontroller