Integrate supplier product feeds woocommerce


Job Description

I have a site up and running Woocommerce at the moment.

It is an adult toy site.

It has about 4000 products on it.

My supplier offers a few different feeds for keeping stock up to date.

I would like a plugin/extension to woocommerce that would integrate these feeds to my site and keep products and stock level up to date.

Feed number 1 is updated every hour and contains product sku and in stock/out of stock. It is available as XML.

Feed number 2 is updated once a week. It contains new products. New product images are available either by download from url or from zip file. The feed is available as XML.

Feed number 3 is updated daily and contains deleted products. It is also available in XML.

Another thing to note; in the XML files the titles are not in English, but are in dutch! My supplier provides a translation page (English on page 5) that I have attached along with a sample XML.