Transcribe/Translate Spanish to English

Transcribe/Translate Spanish to English


Job Description

This project is to transcribe and translate a series of 9 short (less than 5 minutes each, most are 3 - 4 minutes each) videos into English. The specific deliverables are:

1) A DOC file containing:
- The Spanish transcription
- An abstract of 3 - 5 sentences in Spanish
- A series of 3 - 5 keywords used 2 - 3 times each in the abstract (summary) in Spanish

- The English transcription
- An abstract in English (3 - 5 sentences)
- 3 - 5 keywords used 2-3 times each in the abstract

You choose the keywords/phrases both in Spanish and English. The flow of the DOC should be:

Spanish: Title of Video, Keywords, Abstract, Transcription
English: Title of Video, Keywords, Abstract, Transcription

2) An SRT file for each video containing the captioned English version of the video timed to the video using the program Subtitle Edit, which you can find on the web.

Return the files using the same name as the video (eg. A123456.mp4) but with DOC and SRT extensions instead of .mp4 extension.

Total number of files delivered: 18 (9 DOCs containing Spanish and English; 9 SRTs containing timestamped English captions).

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