Writer wanted for Rewriting English & Spanish documents related to Health Insurance

Writer wanted for Rewriting English & Spanish documents related to Health Insurance


Job Description

I need someone that can write very well in English and Spanish and understand the health insurance lingo (I don't need a professional translator as the text is already provided in the right language). The assignment is to rewrite 5 pages of information (times new roman 12 written in Spanish and another 5 page document written in English) relating to health insurance practices and medical coverage. I need someone that understands health insurance vocabulary and is able to rewrite sentences easily. I need a rewrite of each document (Spanish and English) in an easily to understand vocabulary. I need two different versions that say basically the same thing but are written differently. Need to turn in finished job after 48hrs. I need to check your first page of work just to see that you have the knowledge, If everything is as I require after that you can finish the whole document and I can review the final copy.

End Product (4 Different documents):
1.-The reinterpretation of 5 pages of Health Care information written in English.
2.- Another reinterpretation of the 5 page Health Care information document written in English, different than the previous one.
3.- Una reformulacion del documento de 5 paginas que habla sobre las regulaciones y coberturas Medicas.
4.- Otra reformulacion del documento de 5 paginas escrito en Espanol diferente a la previa tambien relacionada con seguros medicos.
5.- I need it 48hrs after we agree with the payment.

If you are interested please answer the next questions:

You know what is a deductible and total out-of-pocket costs?

Podrias definir en tus propias palabras que significa los terminos prima y deducible?

Please, rewrite the next sentence, "Medicare covers services like lab tests, surgeries, and doctor visits and supplies considered medically necessary to treat a disease"

Por favor, reformula el siguiente enunciado " la mayoría de los estados han ofrecido cobertura para los hijos cuyos ingresos estén por debajo de ciertos niveles"