I need a graphic design


Job Description

Our company (Villa di Parchetti) is engaged in floor coverings from a natural tree in Russia! We need to cause graphic design on sides of a cargo compartment, trucks of our company! We want that it would look as the volume drawing 3D! And the design has to be high quality that we could print it!
For example (the cargo compartment of the car is torn and behind it the wood or a hand breaks off a body from below up and at a background the wood)
If there are still interesting ideas, only will be glad!
I am sorry right now my English! )
http://files.mail.ru/757BE3B1A5F54A9D9E52DC4EFCD1CF80 - Here it is possible to download our logo, our cars and old that to us suggested to make but it isn't PLEASANT to us! )

example of that that we want - http://files.mail.ru/9CE84F9A4FE94EF9B7C8CF83CB09D032