SalesForce Candidate Application Process

SalesForce Candidate Application Process


Job Description


We are presently using SalesForce and would like to build a Candidate Application Process into our website. Basically, the system needs to be able:
1. Post a job on the career site (jobs would be a in an object in SalesForce and have a checkbox saying "Active Post" to denote which ones should be posted online
2. Candidates would be able to click "Apply" and apply to job.
3. Candidates would be prompted to upload their resume (seperate screen)
4. Candidates would be prompted to fill out their contact information (seperate screen) with some fields here required
5. Candidates would be prompted to self identify which skills they have (seperate screen) which would be from an object called "Skills" we have where they would choose which ones they have and how many years experience.
6. Candidates would be prompted to answer qualification questions (seperate screen). Questions are in an object called "Questions" and are selected on the job when it's created.
7. Candidates would see a thank you page.

This should all be written in PHP so that it works with our current website. You don't have to worry about the design of the site - we just need you to write the code to make this all work.