Casino frontend client

Casino frontend client


Job Description

I am looking into starting a project to develop custom casino solution and would like to hire a professional game development team to develop a frontend client.

The software to be developed is a cross-platform (desktop and web to start with a possibility of mobile) Unity3D casino suite. It is to feature the following games:
- Video poker
- Blackjack
- Roulette
- Poker
The software will be a frontend for an online casino (server side will be developed externally). It will be communicating with it using a custom protocol relying on various cryptographical algorithms (hashing, encryption/decryption). The software should include common features seen in various online casinos, such as chatting, running multiple tables and so forth. The final product will be released as open source at the end of the development.

Important aspects of the project:
- Incremental development - it would be very valuable to have this software be developed in deliverable stages, each focusing on one game at a time
- The code needs to be neat, easily readable and understandable
- The graphic design of the game needs to be aesthetic and appealing to the players

Please provide a few quotes of the entire budget for various level of sophistication - ranging from most basic, to the most lavish. Also, please provide examples of your most aesthetic game / software you have developed. As a proof that you have read everything written, please reply with a heading Open Casino.

Experience with creating casino games would be a bonus.