Online Auction Store Executive - Fantastic opportunity for a talented person


Job Description

We are recruiting for an Online Auction Store Executive

The OASE will support the General Manager by independently running online auction sales similar to eBay. This is a diverse role and will involve product sourcing, product listing, creating new ideas for products and providing customer service.

• Writing product descriptions in an exciting format, highlighting benefits that are relevant to potential buyers and encouraging sales
• Calculating product landed costs through invoices
• Adjusting, resizing photos and adding text to them where relevant to make them attractive
• Responding to presale email enquiries about products

• Checking payments are received using reconciliation software
• Following up with customers over missing payments and addresses
• Responding to post-sales product queries and making judgements on how to solve each issue e.g. warranty repair, out of warranty repair (e.g. past the expiry period, or the user damaged the product)
• Problem solving over customer complaints by e-mail

• Researching and inventing new ideas for products through researching other sellers, magazines, online catalogues
• Contacting suppliers by instant messaging chat and email
• Negotiating prices and identifying cross sell options
• Calculating profitability and landed costs
• Judging market interest by comparing products to currently existing ones on the market

□ Excellent written abilities are a must – a large part of this role is creating exciting product descriptions
□ Experience in managing an online store
□ Experience managing eBay or online auctions
□ Experience in negotiating with suppliers by email
□ Experience in writing product descriptions
□ Experience in performing customer service over email – finding solutions while showing good judgement over whether it is an issue with the product, or issue caused by the customer
□ Ability to use Word, Excel, Photoshop, Paypal, Gmail, Dropbox, Skype
□ Interest in electronics, household items, automobile goods is beneficial
□ Some of our products are adult toys therefore please ensure you do not have an issue with this

Customer service
Product innovation
Efficiency and integrity
Commitment towards excellence

This is a very exciting opportunity for someone passionate to be part of our team.

-Please submit your CV and a covering letter explaining your relevant background and why you feel you would be a strong candidate for this role.
-If you have previously worked on an online store or an online auction account, if possible - please provide the website link
-Start date is scheduled for October 25 on a part time basis.