Need a competent project manager

Need a competent project manager


Job Description

Hi there,

I'm on a tough and lonely mission to liberate the world, which most people can't believe in at this time, and I need some help achieving it.

The plan is clear (, but I need help getting through projects at a faster pace than I can achieve alone. Shares are available for early supporters, and I can currently afford to pay up to $7/hr to people who only have eyes for money but who still believe they can help :).

I have had a very hard time finding someone competent to help with this. I've given the following project to 2 people so far, but neither were able to do the work to the required standard.

The 1st project is to update to be like, with the project broken down into tasks here:

If anyone would like to have a go at updating the 1st 10 slides and to let me know how long it took you, I would love to review the performance and then discuss working together further on Skype if all goes well :).

Warm regards,