Wanted Reliable Transcribers

Wanted Reliable Transcribers


Job Description

Hi there,

I have loads of work is available. Need some transcribers who are highly reliable and efficient "strict to deadline"
In your application Mention (as in order) and also include the questions in your cover letter the following Honestly:

1. Software's you use to transcribe?
2. Have you done webinar transcription before...?
3. Are you available on Skype and how many hours are you online?
4. Do you have software's to download webinars from sites and transcribe them (name the software's)?
5. You shall need a high internet speed to download the videos as they can be of high resolution. What is your internet speed and can u download big files fastly....?
6. How much time do you need to transcribe 1hour audio.
7. What's your price per audio/video hour transcription....?
8. Do you have any software's to enhance audio quality (name them).
9. Do you work part time or full time.
10. Can u provide any transcription verbatim, semi-verbatim, intelligent and non verbatim?

I looking to hire anything b/w $9 -$10 per 60minute audio transcription so put your bid accordingly.
People with strong transcription history and feedback would have an edge over other applicants.
If you are positive for at least 7 of the above questions go forward and apply.

Newbies are welcome on account they have updated and maintained their profile nicely.
Long term relationship for the deserving candidates and can change into a full time work.

Thank You

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