Build a risque rock-paper-scissors game

Build a risque rock-paper-scissors game


Job Description

First things first: we produce adult content, intended for mature audiences, featuring nudity. If you find this offensive, you will probably not want to work with us. If you're okay with our business, read on.

We want to publish some interactive games, using video clips we produce. Our first game will be interactive "strip rock-paper-scissors." You can check out our prototype here: (warning: contains nudity.) This version works, but isn't very stable and has bugs. The live video is the key to this project.

We're looking to produce versions for multiple platforms, including PC/Mac/Linux, HTML5, iOS, and Android. Development platform is up to you, although we have a strong preference for open standards and cross-platform technology. Well-documented, easily-maintained code is critical. We intend to publish the collection of video clips as a single video file with embedded metadata indicating the cut point and game logic, so you will be responsible for producing authoring tools as well.

Experience with cross-platform game development is a must. Got a portfolio? Show it off, and let's get to work! Include some text in your application to indicate that you've read this.