EC2 setup to communicate with other server

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Job Description

I need a guide on how to install a new Amazon EC2 server, that can be stopped and restarted.
The servers must run windows.
The server should be on the same network as the SAP PO server and there should be full communication between the to servers.
Currently the SAP PO server cannot communicate with http with the outside world. How can this be configured so it can browser
The SAP PO server must also be able to communicate with the new server on all ports. As well as the new server should be able to communicate with the SAP PO server on all ports.
The result should be in the form of a Word document. With step by step instructions.
If it will simplify make an image of the new server that people can use.
You must set things up on your own aws account and show how it works.
Helpful information before you start the project

The PO server can be installed from