Lead Generation Specialist Required


Job Description

Through our wide pool of quality web developers and internet marketers we provide on-demand/contract support. I am looking for an experienced/proven lead generation specialist, who will compile a list of good leads according to our specifications. To apply for this job please answer these questions in your reply.

1. Why should we take you in? Why should we hire you?
2. Do you have experience with SEO? How much? Please describe.
3. Have you ever written article for SEO purposes?
4. What is the hardest challenge that you have ever faced?
5. How easy is it for you to learn new things?
6. What experience do you have with internet marketing tasks?
7. What do you enjoy doing while not working?
8. What are your weaknesses and limitations?
9. Which skills or qualities do you consider as strengths?
10. What do you need to earn as a salary if we decide to bring you on board?

Applications without answers for these questions will be ignored so don't waste your job quota on this if you're just going to paste the same cover letter that you send to every client.

Skills: marketing