Website Developer/ Designer

Website Developer/ Designer


Job Description

We are seeking a web designer who will be responsible for design, implementation and management of all websites and web pages
Approximately 7-8 page website build for Insurance Company
Must be able to provide portfolio

Key Responsibilities:

Design and construct new web pages /sites, create Web graphics, user interfaces, icons, style sheets, templates and layouts.

Visualize concepts and translate requirements in to Visual prototypes using Photoshop and Illustrator.
General Requirements

•Strong conceptual skills
•Creative problem solving, and decision-making skills
•Strong written and verbal communication
•Organizational skills
•Must be able to meet time deadlines
•Attention to detail and ability to take projects from concept to completion
•Desire to learn new technical skills and company processes
•Basic understanding of marketing concepts/campaigns

Technical skills
High level technical skills
Experience with social media plug-ins like Facebook, LinkedIn
Familiarity with On-page SEO techniques
Fluency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
Working knowledge of CMS systems with preference to .Net-based CMS platform

Please respond with your fixed cost estimate for this job.. We will negotiate based on experience and ability