Experienced Internet Marketing Needed

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Job Description

We are in the network marketing industry and we are building 4 different businesses. I am looking for an SEO/SMM expert to work on Internet Marketing for my online businesses. This would include marketing on social media sites, classified ads, SEO rankings, possible email marketing, article marketing and ezines.

SOLAVEI - it is a mobile phone service that is only in the USA (it will be expanding internationally soon). Solavei is partnered with T-Mobile, so Solavei mobile customers are actually using the T-Mobile network here in the USA.

My Solavei site is www.Unlimited49DollarPlan.com. Please study it so you can understand what Solavei is about. We actually want to drive traffic to this site that shows a video about Solavei: http://www.gofree.biz/vperea

Solavei is a $49/month unlimited talk, text and data, 4G network, no contracts, no activation fees, no credit checks. It is currently only in the USA at this point. Expanding to Europe soon.

GOAL FOR SOLAVEI: generate traffic and generate sales (people signing up for the mobile service). SEO to rank site high.

VIEW TRAKR - this is a video marketing tool for anyone promoting their: business/product/service/music/passion/charity/non-profit, etc. It is worldwide.

People will see your product or service you are promoting and may want to become a customer or join you in your network marketing business. Or people may want to sign up for View Trakr to promote their own business.

Check out my site: www.NetTrakr.com and watch the 2 minute video (it automatically starts playing) and the 4 minute video (the 4th video, bottom right corner) on View Trakr to understand it better. View Trakr costs $25/month. The link we would want you to promote is www.socialmediabar.com/nettrakrglobal

GOAL FOR VIEW TRAKR: generate traffic and generate sales (people signing up for this marketing tool). SEO to rank site high.

ULTIMATE CYCLER -- this is great affiliate program that can help a person make some immediate income. There is a one time $25 fee. Zero fees after that. My site is http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/vperea so go to that site and watch the 2 min video and study the rest of the site so that you understand what it is about.

GOAL FOR ULTIMATE CYCLER: generate traffic and generate sales (people signing up). SEO to rank site high.

ISAGENIX -- this is a health and wellness site that is in multiple countries (check the website to see the specific ones). Our link is http://socialmediabar.com/isagenix1

GOAL FOR ISAGENIX -- generate traffic and generate sales (people signing up to purchase products). SEO to rank site high.

Attention should be paid to:

1. Google and Yahoo SEO rankings for all 4 businesses
2. Social Media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
3. Internet classifieds
4. Any other relevant internet marketing mediums you can recommend

I will provide the contractor with a full layout of the sites and prioritized areas to work on and expectations on timing for completing these areas.

Contractor requirements

I am looking for a contractor who meets the following requirements:

1. Has strong SEO skills, as represented by previous work
2. Has strong SMM skills, as represented by previous work
3. Is available for ongoing work up to 50 hours weekly

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your proficiency with SEO and before-and-after ranking examples of websites on which you’ve worked. Do you have feedback from past clients whose business you helped to grow due to high SEO rankings?

2. Your proficiency with SMM and before-and-after examples of the results you achieved (example: Facebook - you created a fan page and generated a high quantity of "likes"). I'm looking to see what type of results you helped to generate due to your social media marketing.

3. A summary of what you would do to help us generate sales and income for all businesses. I would like to see what would be your strategy. We are relying on your expert skills to get the results we want.

Skills: backlinking, linkedin, twitter