Full Stack Lead Developer (Bootstrap, PHP, Lamp Stack)

Full Stack Lead Developer (Bootstrap, PHP, Lamp Stack)


Job Description

We have completed a full MVP using an overseas development house. We are now looking to migrate it back into our own team.
The CEO, CTO, and Product Developer are looking for two part time developers to embrace our MVP while earning equity, or deferred payment (or mix) over the next 3-6 months as we work towards product-market fit.

About our concept: Palo Alto based, we are ThinkTanks On Demand....leveraging LinkedIn API, we connect decisions makers and consulting companies to experts and thought leaders and allow them to build temporary groups to engage meaningfully and solve tough problems. On our platform they can customize terms, compensation, and can publish into a marketplace....We have customers and partners waiting to hear that we are live with an agile dev team. Be one of the first on something big!

Must be in Bay Area, CA.
20+ hours/weeks