Drupal 6-7 Ad Server Integration ( with users)


Job Description

Warm Greetings!
I am looking for a developer who could provide me a solution to integrate users from drupal 6 or 7 with any ad server(probably openx).

The main catch behind the project in a way i will posting several ads on my site, and I want to track back wic user (drupal user) as clicked on a ad campaign and converted a successful conversion ( CPL Campain model), based on this i want to trigger a particular action using rules.

openx manager module pretty much completes this job, but there isn't a way to track back successful conversion by a particular user and then trigger a particular action using rules.

looking for quick job completion at a reasonable price. :)

Edited:- We can create a bridge and ask drupal to link up to openx installation on the same server and track which user has made a particular conversion usingg uid.