Game App Design

Game App Design


Job Description

I need someone who can design a game app for apple phone, Ipad and apple devices.

Also the person I need should also have experience in re skinning apps

Can you let me know what sort of cost to expect

I would like to re- skin the source code for "What’s The Pic Word Puzzle" for a specific kind on animal.

The following can be done to enhance the game

Make a tutorial page. You’ll get better user engagement if you walk them through a sample.

Add more ways to get coins. Add a bonus game so that people can get more coins, like a slot machine game maybe? Insert something like that right into the code so that after a certain number of images, the bonus game pops up. Great for user engagement and retention

Find new ways to spend coins. I mean, let your imagination be your guide here because there are tons of possibilities. Maybe spend coins to unlock a quarter or half of the image all at once? Lots of possibilities.

Make it multiplayer and integrate it with social media. This option could be a really big winner. Just look at games like Words With Friends and how popular that became because of social media. This game already has a screenshot function so people can share images and get help figuring them out from their friends. So you’re already part way there.


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