Google Cloud SQL (or Amazon RDS) Setup for Report Dashboard

Google Cloud SQL (or Amazon RDS) Setup for Report Dashboard


Job Description

Hello there,

I have some daily data in .csv and .txt files that I would like to store in the cloud so that I can visualize the data with custom reports.

Two users, from two different locations will be uploading the data.

The .txt replacement files:
At this moment, I have 9 separate tables that get updated at least once daily. The new data is a replacement of the old data.

The .csv replacement files:
These are generated daily and also replace the old data.

The .csv appended data:
One row of data would be uploaded at a time. This will happen many times during the day from more than one computer.

Visualize in a dashboard:
I would like to visualize the data in a live dashboard online (accessible only to me)

I will provide a mockup and the desired basic reports. Using basic Google Graphs will suffice for this first phase of the project.

Download (export) all the data:
I would like to be able to download all of the data at any moment to a local machine to run other reports.

- - - - - - - - -

I am not sure on how to move forward with this. Both Google & Amazon have very robust services that start out free and then start charging as my data and needs grow.

How do suggest we upload the data to the cloud?

Interested in hearing your ideas and working with you. Thanks for reading.

PS. I have an application developed in Excel and Access that I would like to convert into a Google App (or similar cloud service). Ideally, you can help me with that job too - but getting this simpler project done first is a requirement for me since it is the first time that I would be doing something like this. Your help is appreciated.